About Barcodes Pakistan


Barcodes Pakistan is an authorized member of the International Barcodes Network. IBN began its operations in Pakistan by the year of 2017 with the name of barcodes.pk. We are Pakistan’s first internationally recognized and authentic source for Barcodes.

The Barcodes Pakistan aims to:

  • Supply reasonably priced retail and non-retail barcodes to customers all over the country.
  • Assist customers in remote areas of the country to get barcodes for their retail and non-retail products.
  • Provide information to customers about the different barcoding schemes required in different parts of the country.
  • Assist customers to understand what type of barcodes they need according to their product and nature of the business.
  • Support the purchase of barcodes in Pakistani currency.
  • Provide the best customer care services.

Barcodes.pk is a Strategic Business Unit of Techoid.co
Managing Director: Hafiz Ibad

Our proactive team is waiting anxiously to provide you with our best services. If you need any assistance regarding our services, visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]

Cell Number: 03110206987/03441823301