About Barcodes Pakistan

Barcodes.pk is the only authorized dealer of barcodes in Pakistan. We are an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network, which is a network of international barcode suppliers that aim to help small businesses grow worldwide. Through our association, we aim to provide authentic and unique barcodes with the highest quality in the lowest price to our customers. For more than 20 years, we have been working in the field of barcodes, therefore we understand the specific requirements of our customers and ensure that the barcodes we provide are as per Pakistan’s local-language advice and service so that the customer can begin using their barcodes immediately without any technical issues.

We are focused on expanding the availability of reasonably priced reseller barcodes and providing useful barcode information in Pakistan. We have local offices in the country, where the licensees know the market thoroughly and understand the needs of clients from all over the country. Through this, we are helping build an authentic network of barcodes in Pakistan.

Leading the mission of Barcodes.pk is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr.Ahmed. Mr.Ahmed is the visionary who first thought of the idea of selling barcodes at a reasonable price in Pakistan and then worked tirelessly to promote the barcodes industry in Pakistan, making it accessible to people all over the country. At Barcodes.pk we are incredibly thankful for Mr.Ahmed years of effort to establish an authentic way of providing barcodes to Pakistani customers hence allowing Pakistani products to compete at an international level.

Another essential part of the Barcodes.pk mission is our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr.Hafiz Ibad. Mr.Ibad looks after all technical aspects of the company. It is because of the hard work of Mr. Ibad and his team that Barcodes.pk is able to provide its customers with a variety of high quality barcode numbers and barcode pictures. All technological issues of Barcodes.pk are handled efficiently by Mr.Ibad ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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