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SMS Marketing Services - Barcodes Pakistan


Barcodes Pakistan offers the following SMS marketing services.

Short-Code SMS (e.g, 0080)

Promote your business more selectively with our feature-rich short-code SMS marketing in Pakistan.

What does it offer?

  1. Two-way Communication

    Initiate C2B communication smoothly. Short-code SMS allows customers to reply to your messages and subscribe to your services for future deals and discounts redeemable exclusively through your business.

  2. Source of Feedback

    Ask your customers to provide you feedback about how good and bad your product or service was and to what extent did it fall in their favor.

  3. Fast Delivery

    Short-Code messages get delivered comparatively faster. You can send your SMS to as many as 100 customers in a second. It is extremely important when offering a limited time or flash sale.

Branded SMS (e.g, BARCODES.PK)

Send messages to your customers from your brand name for a more authentic touch and frequent memorization of your business.

What does it offer?

  1. Captivating

    Messages sent by the brand’s name grab the customers’ attention faster and enhances the chances of conversion.

  2. Higher Outcome

    There are higher chances of customers opening the messages if they find your business fulfilling their needs, which ultimately increases the outcome.

  3. Long-term Customer Relationship

    With continuous message interaction, your customers are more likely to remember your business, enhancing the instant mind-click rate.

Market Your Business NOW

Why Choose Us?


API Integrable SMS marketing in Pakistan

Schedule the messages upon successful consumption of your services by customers. This way, they will receive an acknowledging or promotional message as soon as they purchase your product or consume your service.


Free Testing Messages

Test the service by sending trial messages to ensure you don’t come across any difficulties while running the marketing campaign.


Excellent Customer Support

Talk to our experts upon an encounter with any problem, and get it solved sooner than possible.


Client’s Separate Portal

Have all the freedom for running the SMS marketing campaigns in Pakistan. Decide your time, date, area, to-be-sent messages quantity, and carry out the operation effortlessly, right away.

Our Work Process

  • Verification

    We will verify your documents, the authenticity of your business, your motive for the SMS campaign, and your subscribed service.

  • PTA Brand Name Registration (Masking)

    If you have opted for Branded SMS, we will send your 11 characters (full-stop can be included) business name to PTA, they will check for replicates and will register your brand name into their database for successful implementation of campaigns.

  • Client’s Portal Provision

    The last step of all, upon clarification and registration of everything, we’ll hand over your portal assisting you with the intuitive and flawless execution of SMS marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you will be refunded the setup fee with some percentage deduction. 

You can send your brand name registration application a maximum of three times on a single setup fee. 

Yes, you will be charged with the setup fee again, which will give you three more chances

  1. Technical Fault at Vendor’s End

    At first, when you face such a problem, contact the vendor, and define the problem, if there is an issue at the vendor’s end, it will be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be the second reason.

  2. Promotional Blockage

    Some people do not opt-in for marketing or promotional messages and get them blocked by PTA. To make them receive messages, ask them to get their numbers unblocked for promotional messages.

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