Pakistan’s first Internationally Recognized and Authentic Source for Barcode Numbers.

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  1. No annual license fees
  2. One-off price
  3. Barcodes are legal and registered
  4. Largest number of retailers
  5. Working directly in 60+ countries
  6. Customers in 120+ countries


Buying barcodes from an international network of barcode suppliers allows each buyer to not only have specific barcoding information relating to their country, but also have access to a vast expanse of knowledge from other countries as well!

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Why Us ?

Buying from Barcodes Pakistan ensures that your barcode is accepted by retailers worldwide and that too at an affordable price! With over 10 years of experience, Barcodes Pakistan helps ensure the undefeated success of your product!

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Features include:

  • No annual license fees
  • Affordable price
  • No membership joining fee
  • Guarantee of excellent Barcode Quality
  • Instant availability of Barcode verification reports
  • International Barcode Registration

Barcode Numbers

Our barcode numbers, stemming from the original system of GS1 barcode numbers, can easily be used internationally. Moreover, before the sale of each number, it’s legality is confirmed from the internet so that the customer faces no issue.

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Barcode Images

For all types of barcodes, we also provide high quality barcode images, which are produced in 4 different graphic file formats at 600 dpi ensuring that the graphic file format suits the customer software, allowing maximum customer ease of access and satisfaction.

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About Us aims to help small businesses grow by providing low-cost, high-quality barcodes and barcode services for a one-off cost.

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