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  1. One-off Cost
  2. No Annual License Fees
  3. Fast and Friendly Service
  4. Barcodes Quality Guaranteed
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  7. International Barcodes Database Registration

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Legal Registered Barcodes

  • Barcodes we provide are verified against illegal use prior to sale.
  • Our Barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide than any other barcode vendor.
  • Barcodes Pakistan meet the international retail barcode standards.
  • You will be the sole legal owner of your barcodes.
  • It includes the barcode number, images a guarantee certificate, and barcode registration.
  • Arrival of barcodes straight away, usually within a few minutes, or the following working morning at the latest.
  • For large quantity barcodes (500/1000) Talk to Us before confirming orders.

Introduction To Barcodes

  • There are 3 types of retail barcodes EAN13, EAN8 and UPC.
  • Retail barcode numbers are globally unique numbers and are protected.
  • There is NO product information encoded in retail barcodes.
  • Your retailer has to manually connect your barcode number to your product details within their system.
  • A different barcode number is needed for each unique product and even product variant.
  • Barcode numbers say NOTHING about the country of origin of the product or the company.


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Why Buy From Us?

There are so many advantages to buy barcodes through Barcodes Pakistan, includes; no membership fees, no joining fees, over 10 years experience in the industry, free barcode registration, verification reports, fast service, great discounts for large quantities, experience selling all over the country. Buying through a member of a network that works directly in 90+ countries and have customer in over 120 countries.

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About Us aims to help small businesses grow by providing low-cost, high-quality barcodes and barcode services for a one-off cost.

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