ITF-14 Specifications


Below are the ITF-14 Specifications in millimetres. This page shows the officially allowed sizes of your ITF-14 Barcode on your carton

ITF-14 Sizing

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The top and bottom bearer bars are mandatory whereas the vertical bearer bars are optional provided a printing method is being used that doesn’t require printing plates.


The magnification range specified for an ITF-14 Barcode Symbol being scanned in a General Distribution Scanning environment is between 50 and 100%. For other scanning environments the range is 25-100%

If printing onto corrugate fibreboard the ITF-14 should be above 62.5%.

Height of Bars:

For the bars in a General Distribution Scanning Environment, the minimum height is 32mm.

In other scanning environments the bar height should be as high as possible. 13mm is the minimum bar height, hence all ITF-14’s should exceed this height however every effort should be made to ensure that the height is as close as possible to 32mm.

Bar Width Ratio:

The width ratio of the bar  is 2.5:1. The acceptable range for this ratio is between 2.25:1 and 3:1.

Human Readable Interpretation:

Font, font size and location are not specified however these should be printed clearly in proportion to the rest of the barcode. It is preferred for the font to appear below the barcode.

Magnification X-Dimension Width Bar Height Quiet Zones
25% 0.25 30.62 13 2.54
30% 0.3 36.73 13 3.05
35% 0.36 42.85 13 3.56
40% 0.41 48.97 13 4.06
45% 0.46 55.09 13 4.57
50% 0.51 61.21 32 5.08
55% 0.56 67.34 32 5.59
60% 0.61 73.46 32 6.1
62.50% 0.64 76.52 32 6.35
65% 0.66 79.58 32 6.6
70% 0.71 85.7 32 7.11
75% 0.76 91.82 32 7.62
80% 0.81 97.94 32 8.13
85% 0.86 104.06 32 8.64
90% 0.91 110.19 32 9.14
95% 0.97 116.31 32 9.65
100% 1.02 122.43 32 10.16














All measurements are in millimetres.

It is best to allow more space for the quiet zones than the minimum in case of ink spread


General Distribution Scanning Environment – This refers to automated scanning by a machine as the item passes along a conveyor belt.

Other Scanning Environments – Typically this refers to handheld scanners.

Bar Width Ratiothis refers to the ratio of wide modules to narrow modules in the ITF-14. A wide module should be 2.5 times the width of a narrow module.

Quiet ZonesArea of white space on either side of the bars

If you are still unclear on any of our terms used here and they are not in our glossary, feel free to Talk to us.

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