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There are people who want to know who you are and what you do. It’s time to introduce yourself in the best way possible.

Barcodes Pakistan presents the dynamic QR codes to generate your desired content in seconds.

This can be your answer to engaging and converting a higher number of potential clients. The easier it is knowing you, the more the chances of them being impressed. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Dynamic QR Codes – Why the Hype?

Have you found yourself in a situation when you want to say a lot but don’t have enough? Let’s change that as Dynamic QR codes are your answer.



We live in a fast-paced world. Once you generate a QR Code and later go like, “I need to change that”, Barcodes Pakistan will seamlessly make it happen.

Endless Life

They say don’t get attached to things because you never know when they will leave us. QR Codes will always be at your assistance, without expiring. So, nothing wrong with being attached.

0 Restrictions

License, permission, grants, all these formalities, and bounds are out of the window when you buy out QR Codes. You can use them any time and way, as per your needs.

Custom QR Codes

In the business world, branding is everything. We make sure that the QR Codes you get are customized, as per your interest. This can be a QR with your logo, or anything else.


What Can Our Dynamic QR Code Host?

Your next question would be “But what will I be able to display through my Dynamic QR Code?” If so, we’re way ahead of you.

Here is some of the content which you can display using your QR Code.

  • Business Cards
  • Landing Pages
  • V Cards
  • PDF Documents
  • Restaurant Menu

Ready for Efficient Communication?

Time to say hello to the future. Barcode Pakistan assists you in entering the paperless environment and ensures seamless communication.

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