896 Barcode Numbers


Many people disbelieve that the first few digits of the barcode numbers show the native country of the product. However, the 896 barcode or any barcode number says NOTHING accurate about the native country of the product. The only thing that these first few digits show is the country of origin of the number. So in reality, products that come from Pakistan can have any barcode number on them.

For a demonstration of your product is made in Pakistan the best way you can adopt is to print “Made in Pakistan” or similar on the product. This is an advertising claim and must be provable if challenged. (Some manufacturers also print “Made in Pakistan” directly above the barcode to help customers).

As far as 896 barcodes are concerned, GS1 generates them. GS1 expects its customers to meet unrealistic demands i.e. membership fees, license renewal fees, and barcodes renewal fees every year. While barcodes.pk offer you a one-off cost for your whole product life. You don’t have to pay a joining fee and membership fees every year, and we don’t even charge that when you are ordering for the first time.

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The old Myth and its debunking

Barcode number showing the native country of the product is an old myth that has been thoroughly debunked. Have a look at this Snopes article on the origins of this myth as well as a debunking of it.

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Both UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes work all around the globe but EAN-13 Barcodes might face some restrictions in the USA and Canada. In contrast, UPC-A barcodes work efficiently in the USA and Canada too. Get to know more about our Barcodes Acceptance.

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