Why Buy From Us?


Our barcode numbers come from our own system that generates unique identifiable barcodes and can be used internationally in the vast majority of stores. Each number sold is first checked for illegal use on the internet before sale to ensure that there are no enforcement issues for the customer.

Things you should know before you buy barcodes.

Key Points
(see details below)
International Barcodes Network
(that’s us)
Other Barcode
Standard retail barcode numbers
Barcodes can be used worldwide
No membership forms
No joining fee
No annual fees (one-off cost)
Guaranteed unique numbers
Understand the International Market (with over 10 years experience)
Can arrange verification reports
(opens the door to more retailers)
Can supply Global Location Numbers (GLN’s)
Check all barcode numbers for illegal use
Custom barcode image size & resolution
Provide barcode images
Fast service
Customer commitment
Friendly Customer Service
International (More than 120 countries)
Experience (more than 10 years experience with barcodes)
Easy to contact
Accurate advice (we tell it like it is)
Can register your products and barcodes
One-stop-shop (We can supply everything required for barcodes (including labels, GLN’s, images and more)
Part of the International Barcodes Network


Difference between EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcodes: 

Most of our customers buy EAN Barcodes (13 digit retail barcodes that are common everywhere in the world, except USA/Canada), however, some of our customers prefer UPC Barcodes (12 digit retail barcodes that are common in the USA/Canada). It is your choice whether to use EAN or UPC Barcodes (both types of barcodes can be used fine anywhere in the world).

Download Sample Barcodes:

Download Sample UPC Barcode Package (zip file)
Download Sample EAN-13 Barcode Package (zip file)

Still, have any confusion?

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