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Techoid is the parent company of, and is a full-service software and digital marketing house, offering custom business-centric solutions like ERP, PMS, EMS, HMS, Web & Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing, catering to the business’s marketing, technological, and automation needs.


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What does TECHOID offer?

Techoid offers the services you didn’t know are extremely necessary for your business. Generally, the services offered, revolve around digital marketing, custom software development, and IoT-based solutions. And particularly, they vary by the circumstances. Whatever is helpful for your business under that time’s economical conditions, Techoid will serve you accordingly. 


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A short overview of Techoid’s services can be observed below.

  1. Custom Software Development

Counted among one of the most proficient and acclaimed skillsets, Techoid’s custom software development has a vast portfolio of testimonials delivered by Dawood Hercules, a parent company of Engro. Institute of Business Administration, and VMeals, a UAE-based healthy meal plan delivery service in Dubai. Care to add yours? 


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  1. Mobile App & Web Development

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to expand the flexibility of your program or web-based application by having a custom-developed mobile application. Or you already have a mobile application and looking to display your business on the search engine, Techoid has got your back. Just click on the button below and have a discussion with us. 


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  1. Digital Marketing

The effectiveness of digital marketing services provided by Techoid is constantly higher and independent of the nature of economical circumstances. No matter if it is COVID, Lockdown, or any other business disruption, with our digital marketing services, your business gets to be the winner. The services like graphic designing, content marketing, SEO, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and whatnot can be availed at incredible terms.


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  1. UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) are customer-centric services and are provided best by Techoid. Should you come across the need to make your customers’ experience better and even more convertive and transactional, you must turn to us to find extraordinary solutions. 


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  1. eCommerce Solutions

Having the capacity and capability of renovating your current eCommerce store, or building one from scratch, Techoid has unlimited ideas, serving your customers in the best of manner. Whatever is the quantity of products, Techoid can develop you the entire eCommerce masterpiece right away. 


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Techoid offers but is not limited to these services. These services represent a general perspective of what TECHOID is and provides. You can explore the entire range of services here, and find what suits your business the best.