Barcode Scanning Apps

The quick, easy, and accurate way to check your product information is by scanning EAN-13, UPC, ISSBN barcode, and QR images with the Barcodes Scanning App on your smartphone.

The barcode scanning app allows you to scan a barcode or QR image. While there are many barcodes scanning apps available in the market, we recommend you to use the Zebra app. We have switched our barcode scanning services to a progressive web application (one of the leading app in the market), which is linked to our database.

Zebra Scanner is a web-based application that lets you scans the barcodes and QR images.

On the website, you will see an option named “Start Scanning” once you click on it, the web will ask you to use your camera for scanning the barcode. Allow the computer/ mobile phone to use your camera.

There you can scan your barcode, and then it will search the internet and the app will search the product information from various databases such as,,,, and more. It will retrieve and display the relevant product information against that barcode.

You can also create a shortcut icon of our web-based application at your home screen, so you won’t have to open the browser every time you want to scan a barcode or QR image.

To add a shortcut on your home screen, click on the three dots at the top right of your screen. There you will see an option of “add to the home screen,” click on it, and a shortcut icon will be created on the home screen of your mobile.

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