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Barcode Verification – Why It’s Important?

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If you want to make sure that your barcode is 100% readable and in-spec, then the only way to ensure that the barcodes function properly is with barcode verification. Verification is the only way to guarantee 100% scannability, and is created to be predictive of scanning success.

When you perform barcode check quality, you abolish bad barcodes by recognizing and diagnosing the problem areas before making them a problem further down the distribution channel.

Barcode verification checks quality and scannability by examining the code’s optical characteristics according to industry standards and specifications, based on how genuine barcode scanners work.

Note: It should not be confused with the Barcode Artwork Test. Click the link to read what it is.

Why Not Use a Scanner to Verify Barcode Quality?

A scanner is created solely to scan, not to verify the barcodes. Just because your scanner can read the barcode does not guarantee that other scanning machines will read it. It only means that one area of the barcode is readable by that specific device. Some bar code scanners are too aggressive at reading crudely printed barcodes. Nevertheless, a crudely printed barcode often scans on one type of scanner but fails to do so on others.

How Can Barcodes Verification Help?

Barcode verification can measure the code quality against a set of international barcode standards. If a barcode passes a verification test, you can rest assured that it’s genuinely readable irrespective of which scanner is used. Precise instruments are used to verify the barcode quality following documented international standards for decoding, measuring, and checking the code’s format (data validation).

Barcodes Pakistan features a state-of-the-art barcode verification tool to ensure you 100% quality check assurance.

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Why It’s Essential to Have An Up-to-Date Verification Tool

New barcode standards – and even new barcode symbologies – are introduced regularly. QR Codes are finding their way into advertisements and packaging. A barcode verification system out of date cannot read or verify these new types of symbols. Up-to-dated barcode verification can handle these requirements and give you the advanced diagnostic capability to deal with the challenges of printing new types of bar code symbols.

Essentials of Verification Reports

If you need a barcode verification report, please ensure that your barcode adheres to the Standard Barcode Dimensions. The barcode must conform to this, including sufficiently big quiet zones on either side.

How to Check Barcodes Before Printing?

It is always a good idea to check your barcode before sending it to us. You could look at it under a magnifying glass to see if any of the bar lines are fuzzy. If at all possible, it is a good idea to test scan the barcode yourself with a handheld scanner before sending it to us. The chances are that if it doesn’t scan well with your scanner, it won’t pass a verification report.


There you have it! Having poorly printed barcodes will only add to your extra cost, wastage of time, and stress. Save yourself from all this by getting our barcode verification today.

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