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Here you can purchase QR Codes. These are scanned by smartphones and have a variety of different functions, the most common being to link the smartphone to the encoded URL when scanned automatically. They can also be used to automatically create calendar events, add contact information, make a phone call, and send a text as well as various other functions. We can encode any information you like into a QR Code. Please let us know what you would like encoded in the ‘additional information’ section when filling out your details.

To ensure your physical QR code has a longer life span, we recommend programming your QR code with a QR redirect. This allows you to redirect your QR code to different links in the future, multiple times, without changing the physical QR code. It also allows you to monitor traffic from the QR code. Watch the video here that explains this in more detail.

Note – if you are encoding a lot of information into your QR Code, then you may require a more extensive code. 3 or 4 CM squared can encode a URL or a couple of lines of text easily (without affecting the scanability). However, if you are encoding a VCard or VCal event, then a larger code will be necessary. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

These QR codes are created automatically (as long as they aren’t too complicated) and emailed to you within a few minutes.
If the QR code is complicated or somehow fools our automation system, we will manually create the QR Code and email it to you. This generally takes 2-24 hours, depending on the time of day/week that you make the order. Our regular office hours are 9 am-9 pm Mon-Fri (PST time), plus we process some orders on Saturday whenever possible.

Types of QR Codes

Barcodes Pakistan offers two types of QR Codes.

  1. Static QR Codes.
    • V Business Card (QR Codes).
    • Customized QR Codes.
  2. Dynamic QR Codes.

★ Static QR Codes

Static QR Code Sample

  • These QR Codes store the URL of your website, text information, and can be instructed to send an SMS or email.
  • These QR Codes work as long as the URL of your website remains the same.
  • These are unchangeable because the URL is encoded directly into the QR Code.
  • They can be scanned for unlimited times.

– V Business Card (QR Codes)

  • To generate a V Business Card QR code, we will need all the information in the format given below:Name:Organization:Job Title:

    V Card QR Code Sample

    Address: (street, postcode, city, state/province, country)


    Mobile Phone:



    Website URL:

  • We will then store the information in the same format into the V Business Card QR Code.
  • When the QR Code will be scanned, the information will be displayed on the smartphone screen in the same format, and you will be able to save the info as a contact.

– Customized QR Codes

Customized QR Code Sample

  • Customized QR Codes are shaped as your brand logo or image and show integrity with your business.
  • They can be either Static or Dynamic QR Codes with the same terms and conditions applied when buying the static and Dynamic QR Codes separately.
  • You can either send us pre-designed QR codes, or we can have them designed for you more carefully and without any errors since we are professionals.
  • To get customized QR codes, provide us the information in the format given below:
    1. Your brand’s logo.
    2. The coloring and styling.
    3. How will you be using the QR code.
    4. Where will you be using the QR code.


★ Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code Sample

  • Dynamic QR Codes store URLs only.
  • The URLs can be changed as many times as you want.
  • In case you change your website or business, you can use the same QR code with a different targeted URL.
  • You can use the QR Code free for two years with full capability, but from the third year, you will be charged 3000 PKR annually.
  • On the first purchase, you can tell us the URL you want us to redirect upon QR code scanning and can have the URL changed as many times as you want for 3000 PKR upon every URL replacement.


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