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ITF-14 Carton Barcodes


Buy compliant shipper barcodes on your cartons and cases. Our ITF-14 barcodes guide has everything you need to know about using carton barcodes.

  • How to Buy ITF-14 Carton Barcodes

    Here you can buy the required quantity of ITF-14 Carton Barcodes. They will be emailed to you in standard size in 4 different formats (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg) once the order has been received.

    If you have already bought the EAN-13 or UPC-12 barcodes, and you are the sole owner as certified by the GTIN certificate. Please go through the features below:

    • As many as 9 ITF-14 carton barcodes can be made by 1 EAN-13 barcode number. Therefore, according to the EAN-13 quantity you have, and the ITF-14 barcodes you wish to buy, insert the EAN-13 barcodes number in the “additional information” box upon checkout.
    • If you own UPC-12 barcodes, you will have to insert “0” at the start of each of them, and then insert them in the “additional information” box. You can get 9 ITF-14 barcodes generated, with a single UPC-12 barcode.
    • In the scenario, where alongside buying EAN-13 or UPC-12 barcodes, you are also purchasing ITF-14 barcodes, then insert “N/A” in the “additional information” box.



    Quantity    Price per image
    1 Rs. 3,000
    2 Rs. 2,600 each
    3 Rs. 2,100 each
    4 – 9 Rs. 1,500 each
    10 – 19 Rs. 1,000 each
    20 – 49 Rs. 800 each
    50 + Rs. 500 each
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What is an ITF-14 barcode?

An ITF-14 barcode is a 14-digit barcode that goes on the outer shipping carton or case of your retail products. These barcodes are also known as carton GTIN because an ITF-14 barcode only encodes a GTIN and is not meant to be scanned at retail POS.

Features of ITF-14 barcode

  • Contains 14 digits
  • Can encode a GTIN-12, GTIN-13 or GTIN-14
  • Used for product groupings, such as cartons and cases.
  • Typically printed onto cardboard.
  • Does not encode additional information about the product
  • Generally not used for retail POS.
  • The minimum bar height is 32mm.
  • Encodes GTIN only
  • Carton barcodes must be in upright, picket fence orientation.
  • Major retailers require magnification between 80% and 100% when printed directly onto corrugated cardboard.
  • Magnification of less than 80% should not be printed directly onto corrugated. Instead, use a print and apply a label with magnification between 50% and 100%.

Benefits of ITF-14 barcode

  • Reliable and robust barcode
  • Simple design and bearer bars make it easy to read.
  • Can be printed clearly onto corrugated cardboard
  • Helps retailers keep track of their stock without checking each article.
  • Can also be used at wholesale POS
  • The target bar width ratio is 2.5:1, meaning wide bars are 2.5 times the narrow bars’ width. The acceptable range is from 2.25:1 to 3.0:1.
  • The heavy bars encompassing the symbol is the Bearer Box. It improves scanning accuracy by preventing short scans. The Bearer Box label must be included when pre-printing directly onto fibreboard. If using on-demand printing, only the top and bottom bearer bars are needed. They should have a width of at least 1mm.
  • Human Readable Information should be placed directly below the barcode and show all digits encoded in the barcode.
  • Clear Quiet Zone is mandatory on each side of the symbol.

Common Scenario Where ITF-14 Barcodes Are Used

Retailer Distribution Centres

Retailers scan the ITF-14 barcode on each carton when it lands at their warehouse or distribution center. The ITF-14 barcode reveals how many units are contained in each shipping package (e.g., 120 bags of chips). This information is listed in their inventory management system so that they can keep track of their stock.

Wholesale Point of Sale

If you sell the whole carton directly to customers at the wholesale point of sale, you need to print the EAN-13 barcode to the outer carton and the ITF-14 barcode to your carton label.

There you have it! ITF-14 Barcode is absolutely essential for you if you are in the wholesale or retail business to track your stock. And at Barcodes Pakistan, we offer market competitive rates with corporate deals on bulk purchases.