Why is Barcode artwork verification important?

Before printing the barcode directly onto your product, you must check that barcode is laid out well.

To ensure the proper working of your barcode, we deep check your barcode artwork for:

  • Dimensions
  • Correct symbology
  • White Spaces
  • Other common barcode layout errors

Barcode artwork verification is not an automated process, so please allow 12-24 hours for the test results. In case, you are in a rush please Contact us

  • Barcode Artwork Test

    We have another service where we can test the artwork of your barcode that will give you a proper idea of whether it will scan easily.

    This is not an official Barcode Verification Report (which costs $59) which is required by some Supermarkets and Hardware chains. Although, it’s a test based-process using the same equipment and giving the same information.

    This test will be done on your artwork so you will have more confidence about the quality of the barcode before you go to print and the test will let you know the problems with your barcode artwork.

    To do this test, please purchase the quantity you require ($20 each), and then email your barcode artwork in the PDF file format. This pdf must be of A4 size or smaller in size, and 100%. We will print it on a laser printer in B&W (so it won’t test any other print colors) and test it, after that we will email the report to you.

    You can view some sample reports below. Grades vary from A (excellent) to C (OK) to D & below which are fails.

    Test Pass A grade
    Test Pass B grade
    Test Pass C grade
    Test Fail Decodability
    Test Fail Right Margin
    Test Fail modulation and magnification

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What is Barcode digital image?

A digital barcode is an electronic (computerized) image, which is usually an encapsulated postscript file (.eps) of a standardized image barcode, for using inside a graphical design. To ensure that the printed symbol gets easily scanned in the marketplace and easily get through the long supply chain procedures, a high-resolution digital image of the barcode is required, a picture is required to compensate for identification and growth which occurs when printing the barcode directly onto your products.

These products can be in the following form:

  • Label
  • Product packaging
  • Book
  • Carton
  • Coupon

The crucial role in barcode test

The vital component precise digital barcode test is the “BWA” (Bar Width Adjustment). BWA compensates for the reduction/gaining of barcode that occurs in between the printing process. This kind of adjustment is only possible with a high-resolution image.

A barcode image file which doesn’t represent BWA will not print precisely for most printing scanner and technologies. With Design, low resolutions are not able to incorporate this into the compensation factor.

High-resolution digital barcode Images can be generated online, as there are many applications such as Adobe illustrators, Adobe InDesign, and many more. (You just say it and we will make a perfect high-resolution digital barcode image that will suit your business.)

For more information about custom barcode Artwork, visit our page