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Amazon Barcodes

Amazon products in Pakistan

You will require one barcode for every unique Amazon listing. This means, if you are selling different products on Amazon which requires different listings, you will need a unique barcode for each of your listings.

The system of Barcodes Pakistan is all automated. If you buy Amazon barcodes, you will get an automated email with your purchased barcodes soon after your payment confirmation. We believe in keeping a transparent process, and none can do it better than automation.

We are in the industry for numerous years and counting, selling all the major types of barcodes, including Amazon barcodes. We take pride in having a large pool of clientele who have purchased Amazon barcodes from us to sell on Amazon from Pakistan or other online stores.

Our barcodes shop is automated – so if you purchase this product, it will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes.

We have been selling barcodes for a number of years, and we have many customers using our barcodes on Amazon websites and other online stores.

  • Amazon Barcode Numbers

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY – EAN-13 barcode numbers are recommended to use for Amazon products in Pakistan. We also issue a PDF guarantee certificate, which you can use as proof of your barcode ownership. Our complimentary service also includes barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database(our official business partners).

    Includes complimentary barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Instant email delivery if paying through Bank or you may transfer via Credit or Debit card on our website.

    Quantity    Price per Barcode
    1 Rs. 4,600
    2 Rs. 4,400 each
    3 Rs. 4,300 each
    4 Rs. 4,100 each
    5 – 9 Rs. 4,000 each
    10 – 19 Rs. 3,500 each
    20 – 29 Rs. 2,900 each
    30 – 39 Rs. 2,300 each
    40 – 49 Rs. 1,600 each
    50 – 74 Rs. 1,300 each
    75 – 99 Rs. 1,000 each
    100 – 149 Rs. 700 each
    150 + Please contact us.

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Moreover, you might need both barcode numbers and images if Amazon is to take care of your products’ stocking and shipping. If you are doing both the jobs on your own, which means you will only get the orders from Amazon and the rest will be handled by you, only barcode numbers would do the job perfectly. You can purchase Barcode Packages, which includes the barcode images and a guarantee certificate here.

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