Amazon Barcodes

Amazon Barcodes are for those who are selling their products through Amazon, which is an online shopping platform. These barcodes are 100% legit and suitable to use on Amazon products. Before these barcodes are handover to you, we make sure that the generated barcodes are not being used illegally on any other product all over the world.

You will need one barcode on each unique amazon product so if you have more than one or multiple products with variations with respect to size, color, etc. You will need a different barcode for each product/ variation.

We have been in the barcode business for 5 years. Some major and best-of-breed companies are currently using our barcodes on their products and selling their products on Amazon and other famous online stores like eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc.

Our website is automated, so if you purchase any of our barcode products, it will be automatically emailed to you within a few seconds.

  • Amazon Barcode Numbers

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY – EAN-13 barcode numbers suitable for use on Amazon. PDF guarantee certificate included (can be used as proof of your barcode ownership).

    Includes complimentary barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Instant email delivery if paying through Bank or you may transfer via Credit or Debit card on our website.

    Quantity    Price per Barcode
    1 Rs. 4,600
    2 Rs. 4,400 each
    3 Rs. 4,300 each
    4 Rs. 4,100 each
    5 + Rs. 4,000 each
    10 + Rs. 3,500 each
    20 + Rs. 2,900 each
    30 + Rs. 2,300 each
    40 + Rs. 1,600 each
    50 + Rs. 1,300 each
    75 + Rs. 1,000 each
    100+ Rs. 700 each
    150 + Please contact us.
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If Amazon is stocking and shipping your product, then you must have barcodes images as well as barcodes numbers. But if you are stocking and shipping your products by yourself, which means you only receive orders from Amazon and do the rest on your own, then only barcodes number are enough for you. Barcode Packages, including the images and a guarantee certificate, can be purchased here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.