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UPC Barcodes




Since there is little to less information on the barcode types and how they differ, many people are confused as to which type of barcode will be a good fit for their specific product(s).

To this end, Barcodes Pakistan brings you a simplified guide that will break down every fact about UPC barcodes.

What is a UPC Barcode?

A UPC is a 12-digit numeric code that is unique to every individual product. It is displayed in two different ways:

  • a barcode
  • printed numbers.

The UPC-12 barcode is designed for computer scanners to read easily. It consists of alternating black and white bars of various widths. Each numeral from zero to nine corresponds to a particular pattern of bars.

Benefits of UPC Barcodes

  • UPCs make it easy to identify products at a grocery store, track stock inventory, reorder stock, print detailed receipts, make discount coupons scannable by computers, and so on.
  • You can use it for both retail units (bottles of syrups) and trade units (cases of syrups) sold in the store.
  • It is globally recognized.
  • UPC Barcode scanning is reliable and time-efficient. It does away with the possibility of human error.
  • It gives accurate information about the products.
  • It saves time and cost.
  • This barcode scanning keeps all the records of where and how loads the products are being sold.
  • You can use it for the US and Canada -based stores.


    Quantity Price
    1 Rs. 6,000 each
    2 Rs. 5,400 each
    3 – 4 Rs. 5,000 each
    5 – 9 Rs. 4,600 each
    10 – 19 Rs. 4,000 each
    20 – 29 Rs. 3,700 each
    30 – 49 Rs. 2,500 each
    50 – 99 Rs. 1,600 each
    100 – 199 Rs. 1,000 each
    200 – 299 Rs. 650 each
    300 – 499 Rs. 550 each
    500 – 999 Rs. 310 each
    1000 – 1999 Rs. 210 each
    2000 – 2999 Rs. 125 each
    3000 – 4999 Rs. 90 each
    5000 – 9999 Rs. 60 each
    10000 + Rs. 50 each

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How to buy UPC Barcodes

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Common Scenarios Where UPC Barcodes Are Used

Selling at Retail POS

UPC barcodes are one of the most commonly used barcodes for retail POS. They are used to track and identify individual consumer items in supermarkets and stores.

Selling Trade Items to Consumers

If you sell trade items, such as cases and cartons, to consumers, you need a UPC -12 barcode on your trade item as well as your carton barcode (ITF-14). For example, you might sell individual bottles of juice as well as cases of juice.

Selling Online

UPC-12 barcodes are used on e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, etc. While they are not yet mandatory, using GTINs and barcodes is highly recommended when selling online.