Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking System is designed based on Barcode and RFID as a core technology to track your entire company assets. Instantly locate your assets, eliminate time spent searching for missing items, and stop unnecessarily replacing lost assets. Fast local technical support, customization, and getting started training is included.

Asset Tracking complete solutions include everything you need to account for the valuable assets used to run your business. Complete solutions come with a mobile computer for managing assets in the field or away from your desk, integrated barcode labeling software, and a barcode label printer for creating asset tags, polyester asset tags, or even metal asset tags.

Asset Management System (AMS)  is an application system that helps in recording and managing all the company’s fixed assets. This fixed asset can be in the form of company equipment, office vehicles, operating medical devices, IT devices, valuable documents, the process of lending & returning assets, moving assets to checking assets in the field, and many others additionally, the receipt of assets given by suppliers, borrowing of company assets, temporary assignment of an asset, maintenance due to date notification display for your computer system, and also maintenance of asset schedule is the main purpose of Asset Tracking Software through barcodes and RFID Technology.


How Does Asset Tracking Work?

To use the asset tracking software, here are the first 3 simple steps.

First – Create your asset master and print out the asset sticker directly or get RFID.

Second – Stick the sticker attach RFID on the asset you would like to track.

Third – Locate the asset by scanning the barcode label or RFID.

This is how you track your asset.


  • Employees and customers can check out the assets and information regarding to it.
  • Management reports help you make the best business decisions relating to your assets.
  • Easy-to-use interface designed to meet the asset tracking needs of small to medium-sized businesses, departments within large enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations.
  • Available in 2 editions:
    1. Professional (Tracking through Barcoding)
    2. Enterprise (Tracking through Barcodes and RFID)

Why AMS?

AMS has been used by more than 100 large and small corporate customers and has handled hundreds of thousands of assets for 10+ years in Southeast Asia.

As for some of the things that are the strengths of this product are:

  • This product is easy to implement and use
  • The products are very flexible. You can adjust the configuration with the details you need.
  • It’s web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere
  • It easily integrates with a barcode scanner or barcode printer properly
  • It supports the use of Barcode (Professional)
  • Also, support the use of RFID and Barcode (Enterprise version)
  • Notification via email and/or SMS for each transaction
With AMS, you can search for:
  • General Office Inventory
  • Hospital operating equipment
  • Production equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Library
  • Documents / Securities
  • And others

The types of assets that you can manage with AMS:

types of assets managed

Requirements to run AMS

To successfully implement AMS, the following components need to be prepared in advance:



The application must be installed on a server that can be a physical server (on-premise) or a cloud server. AMS requires a Windows OS that is already installed on the server.

cloud server

Network Infrastructure

Ensure network stability to be able to access the application, especially if the application is on a cloud server where Internet stability is also quite crucial.

Data Readiness

Make sure the required information such as assets, suppliers, customers/staff, location, and application users have been prepared well in advance.

Barcode/RFID Scanner

The Barcode and RFID scanner device functions to scan the barcode or RFID of assets when checking in, checking out, and other transactions.

Label Printer

Use an appropriate printer to print the labels to track the assets by using scanners. The choice of label material should be durable.

Mobile Device

For asset checking or asset audits on a mobile basis, you can use a more rugged Mobile Computer and a better scanning system.


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