What are the Different Types of Barcode?

You go to a shop and buy some items. After which, you come home and throw away the packaging. That’s what your normal buy looks like, right? Let’s rewind it a bit.

When you buy the item, have you ever paid attention to those Zebra-like linings? You may think those are just to make the packaging look cool. But the thing is, not everyone is a Zebra fan.

Those seemingly unnecessary lines are called Barcodes, or in other words, life savers for vendors. Gone are the days when product business owners need to manually record everything in thick registers. With barcodes, everything is so much easier and simpler.

Barcodes help vendors track their assets and inventory to ensure they have the right amount of stock. What products are in demand and what items are hard to get off-the-shelve will be clear. Such insights can help them scale their businesses even faster.

That was all about what Barcodes and what’s possible with them.

When you talk about Barcodes, it’s not like a one-fit solution for all. You’ll find different types of Barcodes, each with specific functionality. What are the different Barcodes Types, and why do we need them? That’s what we will talk about in this blog.


So, strap in.


EAN Barcodes

Today’s world is like a global village. Boundaries are more like horizons that people can cross. But what about the products you sell or export globally? That’s where you need a method to track your inventory and make business easier.

If that’s your situation, EAN barcodes are the answer. It is a unique number that operates in various countries around the globe. The entire world is yours to supply goods products, and EAN Barcodes make it happen.


UPC Barcodes

Currently, the United States is one of the world’s most powerful economies. Which clearly means that there’s a lot of untapped potential in that part of the world. With that in mind, you can have your products up for sale over there.

But wait? Will the barcodes on your products work in the United States? The answer – yes, it will if you use the UPC Barcodes. The universal product code barcodes are commonly used in the United States to make business smooth and easy.


ITF Barcodes

We’ve talked about barcodes used in the United States and barcodes used in the rest of the world. But we’re yet to address what happens if the products are in bulk quantity. What if they’re bought and sold in boxes?

For this purpose and store details about items in the box(es), you can go for ITF Barcodes. These will allow you to sell products in high quantities in boxes, cartons, and other bulk packaging.

Think about it. Higher quantity means increased revenue.


Wrapping It Up

Barcodes have made life easier for many business owners selling their products. Before you buy barcodes, you must know which one to go for. This blog would’ve been useful in making up your mind.

If you’re ready to purchase barcodes, we are waiting to hear from you. Just a couple of clicks, and you will get the desired number of licensed barcodes in no time.