If you can’t read um, scan um. That’s what the wise person said when seeing the QR code.

The world is changing, and technological advancements are taking over. We are moving toward a paperless environment, and we’d probably be there when you read this blog.

Keeping up with technology is not just a social responsibility. It’s also vital to keep up with trends and succeed in the business landscape. QR code is one of these advancements with unparalleled potential.

We’ve already touched briefly on what QR codes can do for business growth and success. If you haven’t yet read our blog, where we talked about what QR codes can be used for, it’s not too late. Go and have a look while we wait for you here.


Back? Good. Let’s proceed with what we’ll talk about here. After reading the blog, you’d know when to use QR codes. But the next question would be, how to use QR Codes? To answer your question and eliminate obstacles, the cavalry has arrived.

In this blog, we’ll talk about software that can act like your friend to scan QR codes and how you can use that friendship.


Let’s get the ball rolling.


Google Lens

Google Lens


When you talk about Google, it has hands in various technologies, making things easy. Google Lens is one of those innovations that work on Image Recognition technology. You can use Google Lens to identify images for the search engine.

Google Lens goes way beyond and scans your pixel-based images – QR codes.


We know you’re sitting at your home thinking, “That’s all good, but how do I use it?” Well, if you’re an Android user, we have some good news. Google Lens is pre-installed on your mobile device.

All you need is to follow this process.

  • Open your Google Lens mobile app.
  • Capture an image of the QR code/ select the QR code image.
  • Wait for the results to appear.

Last step of this process is equally as important, which we don’t want you to miss. That is, Have Fun.


Now, if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll need to download it via app store. That’ll unlock your ability to scan the QR codes.


Google Application

Google Application







No. We’re not biased against Google. It’s just that Google has done wonders with giving us secondary technologies for QR Codes.

Google App is another one of those examples, which decodes the pixels on a QR Code. Yes, the result will ultimately be from the Google Lens technology. But you can get better accessibility with Google App.

One of the reasons for it is Google App has a widget. With just one touch, you can open the Google App and scan your QR Code.

And, of course, the same as Google Lens, it’s not pre-installed on iPhones. So, if you have the legacy of Steve Jobs in your hands, you’ll need to perform a couple of extra steps and install the Google App.


Google Photos


Google Photos


Open your google backup and relax because google will save all your images on the cloud. Most users are happy with this feature alone. But we’re here to make Google Photos cool again.

Google photos go way beyond and help you reveal data on the QR Code. When you relive your past images and videos, you’ll also get an option for (surprise surprise) Google Lens.

Similar to other Google facilities, an iPhone will make you work for it. However, if you want to use these amazing Google Photos facilities, you’ll have to hop on to the app store and install the app.

Once you do so, you’ll have the power to “Backup media” and “Scan QR Codes.”


3rd Party Apps

We’ve gone to great lengths about the pre-installed mobile apps on Android phones. And we’ve made it sound like iPhone users are being left out. But what about when you don’t have a mobile presence on your phone?

Would you just have your hands on your head and do nothing? Or you can do some digging and find a reliable Mobile App? Yes, you’d much prefer the option. Here are some potential apps you can choose from.


Gemma Play

Gemma Play















QR Droid

QR Droid


Winding It Up

The time for discussion is over. Enough of staring at random QR codes and thinking what they mean. Take out your phone and start scanning.

If you want to generate a dynamically changeable QR Code, Barcodes Pakistan is at your service. Get in contact with us, and our representatives will make good things happen.