Build Your Business On Our Robust Point of Sale Software

Managing your store with Barcodes Pakistan’s Point of sale software has never been easier. As an all-in-one retail solution for your business needs, We have redefined the Point of sales system to be powerful and adaptable for every kind of situation.

Your business needs more than a cash register to ring up sales and accept customer payments. You need a point of sale system that registers sales data, manages your inventory, generates real-time reports, and stores customer contact data. In short, you need Barcodes Pakistan’s POS System Software to automate your business process, boost inventory accuracy, and save your time & energy for more critical business tasks.

Benefits of Point of Sale Software

Manage Smart manage smart 1

 Manage millions of products in one or many widespread chains of stores. Our cloud-based system is safe and secure, yes, accessible from anywhere!


Grow exponentially grow exponentially

Increase customer retention boosts your sales, helps you keep customers loyal.


Keep track of inventory keep track of inventory

Keep a keen eye on your inventory; order the right amount of products for your retail store using our real-time reports.


Web-based/ cloud version

With the All-In-One web-based version of our POS system software, say good-bye to your worries of updates, backups, and hosting the Point of Sales System. It is siapler to sell to your customers and keep them recurring to your store.

Download version

Our Point of Sales software’s downloadable version is a flexible and unique tool to deliver outstanding service and sales performance. It supports Windows, Mac, or Linux machines and works online or offline. Simple and easily can get your staff selling in no time. Support software updates for one year, but you can always use the version you have.

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Types of businesses our POS software goes smooth with.

clothing supermarket wholesale retail restaurant electronic bakery

Salient features

Learn a full suite of web-based and download-based POS features and tools to build a complete business solution.

  • User Management (Users, Roles, Sales Commission Agents)

Keep complete control of all activities of all users and their roles. Manage every little sale agents’ details, such as their commission per sale, basic salary, allowances, etc. Keep records of sales even when offline.

  • Contacts (Supplier, Customers, Customer Groups)

Keep records of every individual related to your business, including the suppliers, sales agents, customers, and customer groups.

  • Products (list, Add, Variations, import, barcodes compatibility)

Add an unlimited number of products with multiple numbers of variants in your store and scan them at the time of sales.

  • Purchase and sell (list, Add)

With one click under one platform, you can synchronize and control your whole physical inventory. POS system software will help you in saving time and increasing your profits.

  • Stock Transfers (list, Add)

Track current inventory levels and stock present across all stores. Manage stock transfers with a single click from one location to another with accurate stock status, whether it is delivered or not, or it is in process.

  • Stock Adjustment (list, Add)

Have full control of your physical inventory. POS offers a vast number of delivery options. Import your in-store stock and organize all of your shipments with your eCommerce bank office. Execute quick adjustments to your supplies and inventory.

  • Expenses (list, add, categories)

Our POS software system handles business transactions and other expenses between customers and companies. It supports several check out terminals and is linked with different hardware features, from barcode scanners to the card payment terminals.

  • Reports (POS, receipts, drafts, quotations)

Generate quick receipts, check on your sales, profits, and trends with built-in revenue reports and quotations.

  • Barcodes Label Printing

Another exciting feature our POS system software offers is automatically generating a barcode label for the new product added to the inventory. Moreover, it can also create barcode images and numbers and get them printed as stickers.