Barcodes Artwork Test

Besides artwork verification, Barcodes Pakistan also provides an Artwork Test to ensure that your Barcode works well with scanners. Not to confuse it with the official Barcode Verification Report, costing you $59, required by some supermarkets and chains.

However, this will be done using the same equipment with the same information to use your barcode with peace and be sure of its quality.

If you want to get your barcode artwork tested, purchase the required quantity, each for $20, and email your artwork in the PDF file format( must be of A4 size or smaller in size). We will print it on a laser printer in B&W (so it won’t test any other print colors), and once it gets tested, we will email you the report shortly.

You can view some sample reports below. Grades vary from A (excellent) to C (OK) to D & below, showing your artwork fails our test.

Test Pass A grade

Test Pass B grade

Test Pass C grade

Test Fail Decodability

Test Fail Right Margin

Test Fail modulation and magnification

Barcode Artwork Test