Doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, who manufactured you, or what quantity you came in. All shall be revealed.

That, ladies and gents, was the conversation between a scanner and a barcode.


In an earlier blog, we explained barcodes, which differ from QR Codes. Check out that blog if you haven’t already. We’ll wait here.

Back? Okay good. We can move on to the current blog.

There are widespread myths and misconceptions about barcodes and how they operate. We’ve already about the common types of Barcodes.

Here, we’ll talk about another one – what and how information is included on a Barcode. Ultimately, you’ll rebuff all the false information about Barcodes and their capabilities.


So, let’s get the ball rolling.


Barcodes are Not Stored on Cloud

Yes, by 2022, we’re living in the era of Cloud Computing, Web 3, Artificial Intelligence, Life on Mars, and whatnot. But sorry burst your excitement bubble, but Barcode is yet to catch up with these advancements.

When you talk about Barcodes, information for every item is manually stored to keep track. This means, no fun to automatically store information. You’ll need to put in the yards, but the fruit of success will be well worth it.


Mobile Apps Can’t Read Barcodes

Almost all of us have that little device in our pocket which can do miracles. And in most situations, that’s exactly what happens, miracles. Yes, you’re thinking along the right lines. We’re talking about your mobile phone.

However, here’s the deal. This device won’t come to the rescue when scanning barcodes. For that, you’ll need to ask another, usually ignored, a device for assistance – a handheld scanner.

If retail stores want to take advantage of barcodes, there should be handheld scanners at the ready.


Barcodes Stores This Information

Don’t worry, when we say, “Barcodes can save data,” it doesn’t mean they predict the future. Ah, how much would everyone love to have Barcodes on us and know our future.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are not living in the Marvel or DC universe. Before we get further carried away with our fandom, let’s come back to Barcodes.

Some of the common data that barcodes have stored include:

  • Vendor name
  • Product name
  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Selling price


Now, we don’t possess psychic powers, but we know what you might be thinking. Is it, “How actually will we save this data?”

That’s a good question. No matter which type of Barcode you buy, EAN, UPC, or ITF, you get access to an International Barcodes Network(IBN). When you scan the barcode for the first time, it redirects you to the IBN, to save data.

Another thing to keep in mind, once you save the data, there’s no turning back. Your information will be locked and uneditable.

How can you manage this tricky situation? We’ll soon find out in this blog.


QR Codes Are Used to Cover the Gaps in Barcodes

Where the capacity Barcodes end, QR codes take over. They are pixel-based technology where data can be embedded. We’ve gone to great lengths to explain what QR Codes can do.

Static QR Codes won’t do much good, but when it comes to dynamic QR codes, you don’t have to worry about consistently changing data.

The data on the QR Code is fully in your control. Change it whenever you want, according to your liking, need, and business change.


Wrapping it All Up

When reaching the end, you’ll think “Barcodes are no good. QR Codes are the real deal.”

Well, that’s not the case. QR Code might offer unmatchable flexibility, but what about the features?

If you’re a retailer, QR Codes won’t do the trick for you. Barcodes will come to your rescue for ensuring things like:

  • Managing inventory
  • Maintaining sales
  • Streamlining the supply chain process


On the flip side, QR Codes can be your go-to weapon for other activities that include:

  • Smoothly convey information
  • Widely spread awareness
  • Effective market product/services


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